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The Australian Shepherd breed was my first love in life... As soon as I was adopted by my incredible parents it seemed like I often had a show lead in hand and dogs on the mind! I spent hours watching the Eukanuba dog shows(now Royal Canin), obsessing over the finesse and expertise from the handlers and dogs alike. Stunning, it was and imagine my joy when my mother took me to my first handling lesson with Julia Wells, who later became my mentor and the very person that I owe a huge thank you to for introducing me to this phenomenal breed. Under her guidance I polished my handling skills and began to to win multiple Best Juniors before life unfortunately got in the way.

I never forgot what I learned, and I was determined to one day get back at it. In 2018, after a particularly difficult year, I decided it was now or never and purchased my first well bred purebred. Little did I know what a ride this little black bitch would take me on and the opportunities we would have! In less than 13 months we would finish her RTCH in record time, I would be hired by a professional trainer, have a dog ready to trial in agility(completely self trained), I would nearly finish an 8 month old bitch in a single weekend and run away with a WB on a different bitch at one of the largest, most political shows in all of Texas. I'm not stopping there though, I'm striving to go above and beyond, after can never stop working on their dreams.

Here at SunSeeker we strive for excellence in all venues, from the conformation ring to herding, we want our versatile dogs to be able to do it all and do it with excellence. Stemming from sound, athletic and biddable dogs that represent the standard, we carefully selected a small group of dedicated breeders to pull our foundation dogs from. Then we showed the world what they could do, after all what good is a lovely dog if they don't prove themselves?! From rally trial champions to champions in the conformation ring to agility trial champions, just to name a few, we set forth a blazing trail in any venue that the dog enjoyed.

Our dogs have an incredibly stable mind with a decent amount of drive and an undying need to please, all wrapped up in a structurally correct package....with maybe a hint of goofy, fun loving attitude as well!

This creates a dog that is ready to work livestock during the day and win in the show ring by evening. Excelling in conformation, agility, rally, obedience, dock diving, nose work, herding, lure coursing, therapy and every day companions a SunSeeker Aussie is always ready for an adventure!



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